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Shared Value Project

About the Project

The Shared Value Project is a regional community of practice committed to driving adoption and implementation of shared value strategies among leaders and companies, civil society, and government organisations in Australia.

The Shared Value Project is the exclusive Regional Partner of the Shared Value Initiative, and as the local peak practice body supports the development of shared value in Australia via a membership program, the creation of knowledge, skills and social networks, and facilitating engagement among leaders in the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors who are looking for a better method of generating economic and social returns.

Activity Areas

The Shared Value Project offers a membership program that provides companies the opportunity to be a part of the shared value movement and play an integral role in the development of shared value in Australia.

Our membership program is tailored for each member organisation and encourages members to realise their shared value potential by contributing to the learning and development of shared value as a global business practice, staying abreast of the latest thinking and practice models, and connecting with peers.

Knowledge Sharing
Through our website, social media feeds, e-newsletter series, and ongoing resource collation, the Shared Value Project disseminates news, information, reports, and case studies about shared value in practice, whilst also facilitating peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and the opportunities for members and practitioners to contribute their content.

Events & Networking
The Shared Value Project facilitates events and activities that bring together like-minded professionals with the opportunity to make peer-to-peer connections and engage with one another around a common interest and experience in striving for business at its best through creating shared value. We value the impact of making personal connections, and the chance to share experiences so that you know you are not alone on your shared value journey.

The Shared Value Project hosts various types of events including our quarterly networking event series ‘Insight’ in collaboration with our members, workshops, seminars, leadership roundtables, and an annual forum.

Education & Training
The Shared Value Project coordinates executive education workshops and practitioner master classes for Australian companies, not-for-profit organisations, governments and philanthropists.

The sessions guide participants on how to evolve innovation and corporate social responsibility practices to create social and business value. Our expert facilitators share tools, knowledge, case studies and an up-to-the minute briefing on the status of shared value development worldwide, and provide executive briefings and master classes with the opportunity to tailor content to suit individual and company needs.

Projects & Collaboration
Australia faces its own unique set of challenges. Shared value provides an approach for businesses to address these challenges, and play an active role in society through innovation and cross- sector collaborations.

The Shared Value Project assembles effective projects, teams, speaking panels, and cross-sector partnerships in order to develop shared value initiatives that advance research, knowledge, and the potential for shared value in Australia.


If you have a commitment to developing shared value as a practice, become a member of the Shared Value Project for a unique opportunity to shape the future of shared value in the region and establish a major competitive advantage.

In addition you can contribute to the movement as it evolves:

  • Participate in a shared value event
  • Comment on posted articles
  • Post an article or a case study
  • Follow on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn
  • Suggest a direction for a project or a discussion

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