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Three Ways to Think Creatively about Creating Shared Value

ProBono Australia, 23/03/2016

come funziona xforest Creativity in strategy, partnerships and communication must be a driving force behind the implementation of shared value, writes Scott Matyus-Flynn, Head of Strategy at Republic of Everyone, a member of the Shared Value Project.

The Growth of Shared Value

ProBono Australia, 23/03/2016 When our Deputy Chair Rhod Ellis-Jones read the first article about shared value in the Harvard Business Review he was inspired to spearhead the movement in Australia. In this ProBono’s Executive Insight, he explains how shared value has evolved over the last four years.

Shared value as a useful PR strategy for communicators

Influencing, 04/03/2016

SVP member Republic of Everyone talks with Influencing and urges PR professionals and communicators to embrace shared value practices in their campaigns.

Governance in the Environmental Social and Governance Era

Sourceable, 25/02/2016

Romily Madew, CEO of Green Building Council of Australia writes in Sourceable how sustainability is no longer about compliance and corporate image, it’s about creating enduring value and managing risk.

World CSR Congress: The Value of ‘Shared Value’

ProBono Australia, 24/02/2016

The misconception that shared value can only be achieved by large corporations is preventing small to medium enterprises from seizing opportunities in the space, writes Emerald Araiza.

A Central Value

ProBono Australia, 27/01/2016

From improving road infrastructure to mitigating the impact of extreme weather events, ProBono Australia talks to Ramana James from IAG on their commitment to shared value.

Good things come to he who Yates

Australian Financial Review, 23/12/2015

Michael Smith from the Australian Financial Review talks to Shared Value Project Chair Peter Yates AM on his work in the Australian business and philanthropy landscape and how you can turn on its head the relationship between business and solving society’s problems and you can unleash business into being actively engaged in solving society’s problems.


Insuring with a Shared Value Perspective

ProBono Australia, 16/12/2015

Typically, life insurers have limited engagement with their customers until a time of hardship, but one of Australia’s leading insurers, our Founding member AIA Australia, is using the concept of shared value to help its clients before a claim is made, writes Ellie Cooper in this month’s Executive Insight.

Business should lead by creating shared value

The Age, 23/11/2015

Michael Short, Editor of The (Ideas) Zone makes the case that shared value should become part of Australia’s long-term tax reform and part of companies’ DNA.

A Business Case for Doing Good

AFR Boss, 13/11/2015

In the November issue of the Australian Financial Review’s AFR BOSS, Deputy Editor Patrick Durkin reports on how the shared value concept is gaining traction and how companies like IAG, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, NAB, Nestlé, Coles, and Lion are leading the way.