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The Journey of Creating Shared Value

Gillian Turnbull, SVA Consulting Quarterly, 06/10/2015

look here Shared value is seen as falling at the intersection of community, government and business. A large number of corporates have already embarked on the journey of creating shared value, conceptualising their social impact in a new way. What is less well-documented is what this journey looks like from the view point of not-for-profit organisations and government. Gillian Turnbull, Director of SVA Consulting, discusses the role of not-for-profits and government in creating shared value and how collaboration between these parties can optimise their impact.

Shared Value in the Supply Chain

ProBono Australia, 21/10/2015 Ellie Cooper writes how Nestlé Oceania has been working to address social and environmental issues in order to reduce costs and increase productivity in their value chain. Ellie talks to Nestlé Oceania’s Executive Director of Technical Production, Stephanie Hart, about how how the company’s procurement team established a program to support oat farmers and ensure sustainable supply.

The State of Shared Value in Australia

Third Sector Magazine, 29/09/2015

The 2015 ‘State of Shared Value in Australia’ report found that shared value is on the rise in Australia and many companies are invested in positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Emma McDonald, Editor of Third Sector Magazine talks to Helen Steel, Executive Director of the Shared Value Project.

Investing in Shared Value Developments

ProBono Australia, 23/09/2015

Infrastructure shapes not only the city but the communities within it, which is why one of Australia’s largest property developers and Shared Value Project Founding Member, The GPT Group, incorporates shared value in its business model, writes Ellie Cooper in this month’s Executive Insight.

Suncorp targets low-income Australians for cover

Brisbane Times, 21/09/2015

Shared Value Project Founding Member, Suncorp Group, has teamed up with Good Shepherd Microfinance to roll out their latest shared value initiative, an insurance product that will provide low-income earners home and car cover from as little as $4 a week.

#Change the World List of Top Companies

Fortune Magazine, 04/08/2015

Companies are beginning to compete to change the world for the better. Fortune’s newly published Change the World list in collaboration with the Shared Value Initiative, contributes to this trend by shining a spotlight on global companies that have made significant progress addressing major social problems as a core part of their business strategy.

Interview with Shared Value Project’s Executive Director Helen Steel

Benojo, 07/09/2015

Last month, the Shared Value Project released its inaugural State of Shared Value in Australia 2015 report, the first survey of its kind in Australia. Benojo caught up with Helen Steel, the Project’s Executive Director to learn out more about the findings and how they hope to apply them.

Shared value delivers benefits

AICD, 17/08/2015

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) talks to Gillian Turnbull from Social Ventures Australia, and reports on how Australian companies pursuing shared value strategies, or strategies with similar principles, are seeing both social and economic benefits as well as positive brand associations, according to findings from the 2015 ‘State of Shared Value in Australia’ survey.

New corporate strategy is an opportunity for NFPs

AICD, 17/08/2015

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) analyses how  not-for-profits (NFPs) have an opportunity to secure new partnerships, access innovation and possibly win new funding streams if they take advantage of the move by more Australian companies to adopt ‘shared value’.

The Lion’s Shared Value

ProBono Australia, 26/08/2015

On the surface it might seem counter-intuitive, but one of Australia’s largest food and beverage companies Lion, is committed to preventing obesity and alcohol abuse, writes Ellie Cooper in this month’s Executive Insight.