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Jason Hincks: The Brand Builder

INDVSTRVS, 01/03/2017

The CEO of Karrikins Group, a Founding Member of the Shared Value Project, talks to INDVSTRVS about shared value, and why organisations must pivot towards being a brand that matters if they are to survive the constant state of flux that is the millennial experience.

Nine Highlights from the 2017 Australasian Aid Conference

The Asia Foundation, 22/02/2017

Australia’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, kicked off this year’s Australasian Aid Conference on February 15 and 16 with a reminder of the pressures facing international development today, and that “like other strands of globalization, our international aid sector must step up and explain—and re-explain, in clear and effective terms, why it is in our national interest, to support the development of developing countries.” Development is a global concern, she concluded, and the best, most sustainable solutions will come about through global cooperation.

Serving Stakeholders

Australian Institute of Company Directors, 17/02/2017

Non-Executive Director of Commonwealth Bank of Australia Harrison Young argues that banks should serve stakeholders not just shareholders, and presents shared value as a framework to do so.

Five Social Impact Opportunities for 2017

ProBono Australia, 15/02/2017

Elise Harper from Ellis Jones writes in ProBono Australia about organisational cultural trends from 2016 and into 2017.

What does it mean to buy something sustainable?

The Guardian, 08/02/2017

What does it mean to buy something sustainable? The Guardian examines sustainability as part of the business imperative, citing Nespresso as an example with their new partnership with Australia Post.

Financial exclusion in Australia: whose problem is it to solve?

Good Shepherd Microfinance, 25/11/2016

Dr Vinita Godinho, General Manager, Advisory at Good Shepherd Microfinance examines the Financial Inclusion Action Plan and the role financial institutions can play in preventing financial exclusion in the community.

How Integrated Reporting Is Changing The Role Of The Accounting Profession

Forbes, 26/10/2016

Forbes writer Christopher Skroupa interviews Giorgio Saavedra, the Integrated Reporting Lead in the Corporate Reporting group of the World Bank, who is also responsible for statutory and management reporting for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), one of the World Bank Group institutions.

Shared value forum in Wodonga identifies Border opportunities

The Border Mail, 21/10/2016

Border business operators have banded together to think outside the square to solve social problems in the community writes Jodie Bruton in the Border Mail.

IAG, Suncorp win shared-value awards, 17/10/2016

Insurance News recognises the insurance companies who took honours in the inaugural Shared Value Awards for their efforts to address complex challenges affecting society while creating economic benefits and enhancing competitiveness.

Shared value champions Julie Bishop, IAG, and Suncorp take awards

AFR BOSS, 12/10/2016

The shared value business strategy devised by Prof Michael Porter and Mark Kramer in 2011 is making headway in Australia. Joanne Gray, Editor of AFR BOSS highlights the winners of the 2016 Shared Value Awards.